Dear PMI Members, Project management professionals, distinguished guests, and everyone involved with PMI Mongolia Chapter

I am pleased to welcome all of you to join us celebrating the 5th anniversary of PMI Mongolia Chapter! PMI Mongolia Chapter was formally chartered in 2013 and since then 5 years have elapsed with great achievements and growth. Today we collaborate with leading business community in Mongolia, our registered members expanded over 140, more than 40 members accredited with global professional certifications,over 10,000 likes us on social media and counting. I take this opportunity to thank the founders, former board members, advisory committee, PMI global and region-9 for their support and dedication. We really build on your foundation and effort, and we strive for excellence while staying on the course of PMI. Our progress is direct reflection of all the activities that we organize including the monthly meetings, trainings, member only events, and the initiatives our volunteer leaders (board), members and our volunteers bring about to outreach Mongolian project professionals. All of it indeed encourage us to grow further and uphold our PMI values; hence, we can contribute to our greater goal of creating healthy, effective and professional progress in project management across all sectors in Mongolia. On the occasion of the Chapter 5th anniversary, we foster knowledge sharing through the annual conference of project management for 2018. Our conference is titled “Shifting Towards Future Excellence” profiling change management as a main theme. It is aligned with the top trends of project management and business operations across globe, particularly that of Mongolian context. Projecting to the future, we select the key topics to discuss at our conference such as agile process, digital transformation, business analysis for effectiveness, value creation and change management. We have the leading international and national experts and professionals invited in our conference to share these topics with you all. For the first day of conference, we cover our topics by key sectors: infrastructure & mining, banking & ICT, and public management. For the second day, we have topics explored in the learning workshops of PMI talent triangle and global trend. During the conference, we will be sharing the results of PMI Mongolia survey of Mongolian project management in 2018 for the first time, and will be announcing the best projects and project managers selected according to the PMI MC criteria. I am honoured to announce that the conference will be featured with a keynote speech “Value of Project Management” by Mr Teraj Sura, Director of PMI 2018 Board of Directors, who will be sharing the results of PMI 2018 survey “Pulse of Profession”.

On behalf of PMI Mongolia Chapter, I cordially invite you to join our celebration and learn together.
President of PMI Mongolia Chapter
Battulga Norolkhoojav